The State Of Dog Food Today - The Environment
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The State Of Dog Food Today

The State Of Dog Food Today - The Environment

by Wes Chang
This is part of our series on the state of dog food today. This article covers a topic that surprises many people: the intense environmental impact of your pet’s food. If you haven’t heard, humanity is facing a global ecological catastrophe that has the potential to wipe life off the planet. Economic activity, particularly in the Western world, has strained planetary resources to a breaking point, and the biosphere is reacting appropriately. We’re already seeing the effects, with rising temperatures, extreme weather events, drought, and wildfires becoming more common. Our pets’ diet (which, as we’ve already outlined, is essentially feeding them poison) creates an astonishing 25% (!!) of the meat consumed in the US. If American pets were their own country they’d be the 5th largest consumer of meat in the world. This is not OK - it’s not good quality and the impact it’s having on the world is simply unsustainable. The good news is alternate sources of nutrition exist and switching their diets is simple and has great impact. Our majestic rainforests, our beautiful coral reefs, and our stunning biodiversity are on the brink of total annihilation. The consequences of those events are set to trickle into every dimension of human society, with mass migrations, food and water shortages, and war, revolution, disease, and death, nearly inevitable, unless we mobilize. The magnitude of the crisis may be hard to swallow, but as individual consumers, we must do what we can. And by far, the biggest culprit in this catastrophe is animal agriculture, which is estimated to contribute about half of global greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a primary reason we created Wild Earth. We want what is best for our pets - and the world around us. Our Clean Protein Dog Food has all the protein and essential nutrients that your dog needs -- without any animal products and a fraction of the environmental impact. With every scoop of Wild Earth food you’ll make your dog healthier, the planet happier and animals in factory farms safer. Our final article in our series on the state of dog food today is a look at the factory farmed animals being used to make our pet’s food and the importance of alternative protein sources. ---- 1) Okin, G. S. (2017) Environmental impacts of food consumption by dogs and cats. PloS one, 12(8). 2) Springmann, M. et al (2016). Analysis and valuation of the health and climate change cobenefits of dietary change. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113, 4146-4151. 3) Goodland, R. and Anhang, J. (2019). Livestock and Climate Change. Worldwatch Institute. Available at:

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